Why call on a translation specialist?


A business that is flourishing but whose directors and managers find themselves "lost in
traduction" stands out at first glance and does not come off well. At a time when the Internet
abounds with online linguistic tools, a quality translation still requires human intervention.
A verbatim translation such as the phrase above seldom enables the speaker's initial
idiomatic words to be aptly rendered in the target language. Worst of all, it can make him or
her lose all legitimacy and prove detrimental to a laudable project. The translator's purpose
is to give you peace of mind.
Communicating fluently, without any ponderousness or approximations so as to not to come
over as excessively formal or overfriendly requires the skills of a translator. He or she will
render your thoughts in the language register of your choice, in a synthetic and idiomatic
way thanks to his or her intricate understanding of a set of parameters that go well beyond
linguistic knowledge (the fact that English correspondence is far more concise than in French
for instance, illustrates the underlying principle of covert translation).

Your guarantees when calling on a professional translator :

  • A quality translation which is handled in the strictest confidence.
  • Of British nationality, I mostly translate from French to English. Given that a translator's target language should be his mother
    tongue, this ensures reliability.
  • I only take on assignments when I have a full understanding of the field they deal with. If need be, I will direct you to a fellow
    translator who will be in a better position to deal with your request.
  • Depending on your wishes, the final document will be made available to you either on paper or in digital format, and can be sent
    to you by post or by email.

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