Of British nationality, I came over to France in 1991 for my education. Having graduated
from Caen University with a Master's Degree in Irish and Anglo-Irish studies, decided to make
a living out of my passion and started out under the sole trader status in January 2010.
Since then, I have gone from one assignment to the other, constantly seeking
to broaden my skill base and extending my expertise to new fields.
During the course of my studies and various freelancing experiences, I learned to develop the
techniques and language skills which are essentially required to deliver a high-quality
translation from French to English
, in all kinds of fields furthermore : art, fashion, gastronomy,
history, architecture, botany, comparative psychology, computer science, online marketing, cinema.

In addition to wide-ranging knowledge and solid writing skills, I have a perfect
understanding of the cultural subtleties each language presents and which come into play
when handling administrative documents for instance. I also master some more technical
vocabulary in more specialised fields, as versatility is my watchword.

Camilla Jones - JONES TRADUCTION Les longs jardins 14210 Montigny - Phone: +33 (0)6 62 48 78 05 - Email :